The following information you read online about me are not true:

  • HENSON: Is not my surname. It is my old Facebook pseudonyms. I used Henson as a surname on Facebook in the past to stop Nigerian bloggers from knowing my legal names due misgendering, deadnaming and rudeness.
  • OCHE CLIFFORD OR CLIFFORD OCHE ARE NOT MY ASSIGNED NAMES AT BIRTH: Nigerian bloggers have an obsession to look for before pictures and names, but I don’t know those names, they have never been my legal names.
  • I HAVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED: Some websites claimed that I was married to an old Italian man. Not true!
  • NO! THE MAN CLAIMING TO BE MY FATHER: Is not my father. I don’t know that person. My mother doesn’t know the person either. If he is my father, where has he been all my life?
  • THE ‘BOY’/’MALE’ PICTURES BEING PUBLISHED AS MY ‘BEFORE’ PICTURES ARE FALSE! Those are not my pictures. They publish fake pictures as my ‘Before’ pictures out of spite in other to humiliate me.

Below are true:

  • MY NAME IS: Miss saHHara (Spelt with small letters ‘s, a, r’ and capital double ‘HH’s) for distinction.
  • MY NATIONALITY: I am a British woman of Nigerian heritage.
  • NO: I will not publish my legal names online because of my safety. I get too much hate, death threats, misgendering, deadnaming and transphobic messages online to release my legal names.
  • YES: I was brought up by a single parent, a mother and I have a younger sister.


If you need more information, contact me directly. Do not reference transphobic bloggers or websites.