The following information you read online about me are not true:

  • IRIS SAHHARA HENSON: Those are not my names. They are my old Facebook pseudonyms. I used those name on Facebook to stop Nigerian bloggers from knowing the the truth about my legal names due misgendering, deadnaming and rudeness.
  • OCHE CLIFFORD OR CLIFFORD OCHE ARE NOT MY ASSIGNED NAMES AT BIRTH: Nigerian bloggers have an obsession to look for before pictures and names, but I dont know those names, they have never been my legal names.
  • I HAVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED: Some websites claimed that I was married to an old Italian man. Not true!
  • NO! THE MAN CLAIMING TO BE MY FATHER: Is not my father. I dont know that person.

Below are true:

  • MY NAME IS: Miss saHHara (Spelt with small letters ‘s, a, r’ and capital double ‘HH’s) for distinction.
  • MY NATIONALITY: I am a British woman, born in Nigeria
  • NO: I will not publish my legal names because of my safety. I get too much hate, death threats, misgendering, deadnaming and transphobic messages online to release my legal names.
  • YES: I was brought up by a single parent, a mother and I have a younger sister.


If you need more information, contact me directly. Do not reference transphobic bloggers or websites.